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Design Features

We took what you said and built on it

When the engineers at Tuthill asked what you wanted in a high-viscosity process pump, you didn't hold back. You said you wanted a tough, reliable pump. You said you wanted a modular design that can evolve with your changing needs. You said you wanted a pump designed to reduce your inventory. You said you wanted ease of maintenance. And you said you wanted an alternative with minimal switching costs. We turned what we learned into a pump that delivers unparalleled built-in value.

Modular Ports Bolt-On Ports allow for many configurations

Top and Side for both inlet and discharge ports

NPT and BSP threaded port options

150 and 300 # Flange options

Multiple port sizes on each pump model
Modular Seal Chamber Packing, Cartridge and Mechanical Seals available on each model without changing other pump components.
Standard Shaft Sizes Allows use of standard seals used on other rotating equipment at your plant.

Available in US inches or metric shaft diameter sizes.
Drive Module Design Back Pull-Out design permits inventory of a spare drive-module instead of a complete pump for fast change-out.
Back Pull-Out The GlobalGear can be removed without disturbing piping or motor and shaft alignment for less down-time during a repair.
Inline Seal Access Reduces seal maintenance time without disturbing the piping or shaft alignment. Change-out of a mechanical seal takes about 1/3 the time of our competition.
Dimensionally Compatible GlobalGear pumps were designed to match the mounting dimensions of most major gear pump manufacturers for ease of drop-in upgrade or replacement.
Oversized Shaft,
Gears & Ball Bearings
Rotor and Idler gears are made of tough ductile iron to survive high-viscosity and high-pressure applications

High-strength 4140 hardened steel shaft with oversized diameter for strong, reliable service.

Oversized ball-bearings ensure longer life between bearing failures.

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