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Speck VN Series Close-Coupled Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps
For High Water-Handling Applications

The Speck VN product was developed specifically for the unique needs of the plastic extrusion market, but is ideal for any application where an unusually high volume of water needs to be carried through the pump. Our VN product can handle up to 5 times the amount of water that a standard liquid ring pump can support.  Offered in 3 sizes, please contact us for help selecting the right pump for your application.

VN Series Pumps are rated to maximum inlet vacuum of 28" Hg (2" Hg absolute or 50 torr).



Maximum CFM Motor HP Motor RPM
(@ 60 Hz)
Inlet and Discharge Sound Level
Weight with Motor
VN95 60 6.2  1750 1.5" BSP 65 112 lbs
VN125 94 8.3 1750 1.5" BSP 65 136 lbs
VN180 127 11.0 1750 1.5" BSP 65 163 lbs






Materials of Construction


Model VN95-VN180
Casing Cast Iron
Inner Casing Liner Bronze
Impeller Bronze
Flap Valve PTFE (Teflon)





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