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Speck VZ Series Close-Coupled 2 Stage Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

The Speck VZ product was developed specifically for the medical sterilizer market, but is perfect for any application requiring low vacuum levels and quiet operation. Our VZ product takes the performance of our 2 Stage VH product, packaged in a compact close-coupled configuration. Now available in 5 sizes, please contact us for help selecting the right pump for your application.

VZ Series Pumps are rated to maximum inlet vacuum of 29" Hg (1" Hg absolute or 25 torr).



Maximum CFM Motor HP Motor RPM
(@ 60 Hz)
Sound Level
Weight with Motor
VZ30 21 2.0 3450 60 68 lbs
VZ50 34 3.0 3450 60 75 lbs
VZ110 96 6.2 1750 66 205 lbs
VZ140 73 8.3 1750 66 224 lbs
VZ180 134 8.3 1750 66 242 lbs






Materials of Construction


Model VZ30-VZ50 Model VZ110-VZ180
Cast Iron version
Model VZ110-VZ180
Stainless Steel version
Casing Brass Cast Iron 316 SS
Inner Casing Liner 304 SS 304 SS N/A
Impeller Red Bronze Bronze 316 SS
Flap Valve PTFE (Teflon) N/A N/A





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