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Speck Pump offers a variety of Liquid Ring Vacuum Products to meet every OEM vacuum application



V Series

Close-Coupled Pumps for
compact OEM applications

Capacity to 270 CFM
Vacuum to 29" Hg
Cast Iron, Bronze and 316SS Construction



VN Series

Close-Coupled Pumps for OEM applications requiring high water handling capabilities

Capacity to 127 CFM
Vacuum to 28" Hg
Cast Iron with Bronze Impeller Construction







VZ Series

Close Coupled 2-Stage Pumps for applications requiring quiet performance at deep vacuum levels

Capacity to 134 CFM
Vacuum to 29" Hg
Cast Iron and 316SS Construction



VU / VH Series

Base Mounted Pumps in single and two stage configurations for industrial applications

Capacity to 994 CFM
Vacuum to 25.5" Hg - Single Stage - VU
Vacuum to 29" Hg - Two Stage - VH

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