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Laing Thermotech Introduces

The New D5 Solar Pump
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The first DC spherical motor pump for direct connection to PV (photovoltaic) panels with automatic performance optimization using Maximum Power Point (MPP) tracking.

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Utilizing the Maximum Power Point (MPP) tracking technology, the Laing Ecocirc D5 Solar pump will always find its best operating point under any given light and temperature conditions.  

MPPT Curve


D5 Solar Technical Data


Design Characteristics


  • Motor Design:  Electronically commutated spherical motor with permanent magnet rotor / impeller.

  • Voltage Range:  12 to 24 Volt DC

  • Power Consumption*:  Min. start-up power consumption less than 1 Watt, Max. start-up power consumption 22 Watts.

  • Current Draw:  0.25 - 1.46 Amps.

  • Acceptable media:  domestic hot water, heating water, water/glycol mixtures, other media on request**.

  • Enviornment:  IP 42

  • Insulation Class:  Class F

    * Power consumption and start may vary in different installations.
    ** Please check pump performance with more than 20% glycol.


The D5 Ecocirc Solar pump can be used wherever a highly efficient circulation pump is needed without a direct connection to AC power.  It can be connected directly to a photovoltaic panel and is charecterized by its small size, high efficiency, very low power consuption, and its MPP tracking.  The shaftless spherical motor technology enables a long, maintenance free and quiet service life.  Areas of application are thermal solar systems for single family homes, and many others.

Click Here to Download the Laing D5 Solar Brochure (Approx 413kB)


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