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Laing Thermotech Introduces

The New DDC Pump

Picture of DDC pump

Leading the computer industry in pump technology, Laing has designed a brushless DC motor with a lifetime in excess of 50,000 hours when operated at 12 volts — three to four times the life expectancy of other pumps in its class. Frequently used in sophisticated electronic liquid cooling systems, the DDC is virtually silent when operating and facilitates a more efficient method of heat evacuation than traditional heat sinks.

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Laing DDC3.1 and 3.2 Curve


DDC Technical Data


Design Characteristics


  • Motor Design:  Electronically commutated, brushless DC, spherical motor.

  • Rated Voltage:  12 Volts DC
  • Power Consumption:  DDC3.1:  12 Watts max.
                                        DDC3.2:  18 Watts max. 
  • Voltage Range:  8 to 13.2 Volts DC*

  • Maximum system pressure:  21.75 PSI

  • Temperature range: Up to 140°F (60°C)

  • Acceptable media:  Water, Water/Glycol mixtures, and other medias on request.

    *Minimal start voltage of 9 Volts necessary.


The DDC electronically commutated wet rotor design results in only one moving part in the entire pump.  A spherically suspended rotor/impeller rests on top of a ceramic ball and is driven magnetically, thereby eliminating the need for a shaft motor connection.  The DDC lasts longer, consumes less power and offers superior performance characteristics when compared to other pumps in its class.  The DDC-VC is available with a liquid volume compensator.

Click Here to Download the New DDC Brochure (Approx 1.22 MB)


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