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Accessories for use with Price AOD pumps


The Price Pump Diaphragm Monitoring System is designed to protect your Price AOD pump against damage from corrosive, aggressive or other harmful pumped fluids. Powered by standard line current, it automatically disrupts air supply pressure to the pump and / or activates an indicator the moment a diaphragm leak is detected.

The Price Pump Diaphragm Monitoring System senses liquid entering the non-wetted portion of the pump via a leaking diaphragm. A sensitive electronic moisture sensor, which operates on the principal of fluid conductance, is installed at the lowest point of each air chamber. In the event of a diaphragm leak, liquid enters the air-side of the pump, collects at the bottom of the air chamber where the probe is located, and is detected by the sensor, where a signal is transmitted to a remote master control. This can be installed on any pump from 1/2" sizes and larger.

NOTE, the fluid being pumped must not be a non-conductive liquid.


Construction ABS Plastic
Enclosure NEMA 4X / IP66
Mounting Flat Surface, #10 Fasteners
Weight 8.1 oz
Power Supply 1 ph, 50/60 Hz, AC or DC, 12 or 24 V
Optional Transformer 1 ph, 50/60 Hz, 120/12VAC
Operating Temp Range 0 deg F to 125 deg F
Sensitivity Range 0-100,000? (0-5 Volt)
Cable Length (Probes) Standard 2 Foot, available to 100 Feet
Cable Power and Alarm 4-Wire, 18 Gauge, Non-Shielded
(Customer must provide)



The Price Pump Speed Controller provides a reliable, cost-effective solution for accurate speed / flow control of externally operated pumps. There is no extensive programming required for setup, and the controller works with a direct or remote mount solenoid. Through the large lighted front panel display, information for both rate (cycle speed), fluid displacement mer minute, and totalization (number of cycles) is easily attained.

The Speed Controller can be supplied with any pump smaller than 1-1/2".

Easy to Use Large Lighted LCD Display Variable Speed Control
Micro-Processor Controlled Re-settable Fuse Flow meter or fiber-optic interface
Enclosure meets NEMA 4 Alarm Outputs English or Metric units
DC or AC Powered options Simplified Preventative Maintenance Schedules Easy monitoring Cycle and Volume totals

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